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Exclusive Interview With Trevor Hardin

 Tell me about your organization People of African Descent in America, its history, who its staff consists of and what you have done since its foundation. In addition to being an advocacy organization, you’ve stated on your social media pages that POADIA is a social and political philosophy; can you expand on its ideological dimension?

Trevor Hardin: POADIA was founded on Sept(7), 3rd, 2013! In the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict. I set out to find the source of our peoples as People Of African Descent In America! Thus the Poadian Philosophy and Dictum was created! Since our creation via Facebook(The Book Of Life) which just about everyone is on, I set out on a mission to connect and spread this way of thinking and reach as many People Of African Descent In America as possible! 
In doing so I met Brother Michael Love who created “The BLACK Nation” in 2014! I reached out to him and explained who I was and what I was trying to do and we were in agreement that a merger would be best for both of us so we decided to merge our two pages under the POADIA name! Our philosophy is set up for the advancement of the entire human race! I just so happened to be a Person Of African Descent In America, something I realize I had no control over. I can only live the life I am given, as can we all! So we felt that no race should have to be subjected to a form of government that began with their races enslavement. There would never be Freedom, Liberty, Justice or Equality!



I assume that PODIA is influenced by classic figures of equality and racial suffrage like Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Ghandi and Mother Theresa. Can you tell me about other contemporary and historical figures that influenced the creation of your organization. What ideas of theirs is a part of POADIA philosophy?

Trevor Hardin: We follow the 3M’s
Marcus M Garvey, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Their ideals and dedication are what drew me to this type of work in the first place. When I was young I always read the stories in the bible about the miracles God had performed. I asked to be used in such a way ever since I was little. Then I saw that people like The 3M’s were the real people performing miracles by reaching people with just the power of thoughts and being able to verbally express yourself.


In every corner of the world, from Hong Kong, to Syria, to Nigeria, there is a spirit of revolution and change like there hasn’t been since the 1960’s. Why do you think you and others around the world are risking their lives to challenge the establishment and usher in a new era of cultural institution and values?

Trevor Hardin: Plain and simply there is a divine calling that some people hear and answer to! I just happened to get that call and I gracefully accepted my responsibility. My first name Trevor means; wise, prudent and a large goodly village(POADIA) my middle name Lee means; the healer and the lion. I am just living out my purpose I feel!



You have stated before that POADIA’s foundation is a challenge to the American Constitution, its history and content. Tell me about why you are seeking to challenge the foundation of this country, what your criticism is and what you hope to accomplish through your dialogue.

Trevor Hardin: Its not that we are challenging the Constitution we just feel that if we are to use it then we should follow it to the letter. Now in our case as People Of African Descent In America we were not represented during the foundation of this government. So we had no say in the drafting of the Declaration Of Independence, The Bill Of Rights, The Constitution, etc… We don’t think its fair to a race to have to live under a government that got its start and rose to power off of the enslaved labor of that race. In essence it’s like a game of monopoly that white male slave owners created and started playing amongst themselves, buying all the property and businesses, industry, and seizing all of the power. After over 200 years of this type of system they finally said….”ok let’s let the blacks play!”



Events like the Trayvon Martin case and the Eric Garner case were a huge wake up call for the country, unveiling layers of racial and social corruption in our society. Tell me how it felt as an African American to see these tragedies unfold. Did these events propel you to question cultural norms about interracial relations, or did you already undergo that process of questioning before?

Trevor Hardin: The verdict woke the God in me up. I knew I had to do something for my people or I my life would be meaningless. I knew then, that we would never find justice in a courtroom, in a town, in a county, in a state, in a country that began with the enslavement of our race. I have had my own run in with the law and I know how things can get out of hand quickly which is why I want to address the thinking process of “The Pissed Of Black Man” and “The Power Tripping Officer” this is the problem that we seem to face most as black men. We are frustrated and lack the necessary words to fully express our feelings. I think that with the Poadian Philosophy and Dictum, we now have those words to say, “Hey you can’t subject me to a government that my entire race wasn’t equally represented during its foundation.”


If someone said to you, “Blacks don’t have it bad in this country; look our president, he’s black; look at some of the biggest celebrities in this country—Beyonce and Kanye West—they’re black,” what would you say to that person?

Trevor Hardin: “The Irrational Anthem” by Trevor Lee Hardin
(Read/Sing to the tune of the American National Anthem)
”Oh say can you see?
By the stars roamed at night,
Through the fields and thick trails,
For our chance to seek freedom,

Or the lash on our backs,
Just for being born black,
In a world that’s unjust,
If you’re sleep you can’t see it,

That American dream,
Is a nightmare for me,
Cause it is not for us,
We were slaves when it came,

Now things may have changed,
But the name remains the same,
How dare we think we’re free?
When from the start we were all slaves!”


This is a little off topic, but there is a tragic and highly unfortunate statistic that 1 in 4 African American men will be incarcerated at some point in their lives. What constituencies in our society make for this toxic brew and what part do average citizens play in this catastrophe?

Trevor Hardin: Governmental Racial Discrimination – G.R.D
GRD is when a government is set up to disenfranchise a group of people because of race. The plan is to keep that race in a constant state of dependency, fear, mistrust, unorganized, angry, frustrated, violent, radical so where as to justify the rash treatment of that race. 
We are all suffering from GRD both black and white! It is a sickness, if you will, that I aim to cure with the Poadian Philosophy and Dictum!




What do you think of popular black figures in the media? Let’s take President Barack Obama, Kanye West and Beyonce, are they positive or reductive influences on the status of African Americans?

Trevor Hardin: They have each played a significant role in conditioning the minds of America for what is to come. A global resurgence of Ancient African information, knowledge, wisdom and understanding!


You’ve started on fundamental values, goals, and gaining a following, where does your organization go from here?

Trevor Hardin: This is the beginning of a great future, not only for People Of African Descent In America, but for all races and genders because we see the bigger picture. No one wants to be oppressed. PERIOD! We won’t rest until our Philosophy and Dictum is addressed nationwide and we have a government where we are all equally represented during its foundation!



Ten years from now, where do you want to see your organization go?

Trevor Hardin: In 5 years I plan to be running the world! In 10 years????? I don’t know!


How do you plan on reaching the masses of Black America and how will you go about meeting financial needs?

Trevor Hardin: We are already online(mentally)! If you build it, they will come.

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  1. After pain is love.
    … Stand firm on what we believe …. Never uderestimate the next man… Show the world we are all “Yahweh” peoples….. Lil sumthang from my heart… Peace


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